Sunday, October 11, 2009


The field of Sherlock Holmes related fiction and pastiche is an amazingly huge and rich one that incorporates literally hundreds of  novels and short stories, the latter appearing in a dizzying selection of books, magazines, and various other outlets. Works of pastiche and parody featuring Sherlock Holmes and other Canonical characters have appeared in print steadily since the early 1890s. The sheer volume of these works is rather staggering and can be rather bewildering for the hardcore collector trying to track down as many of them as possible. Fortunately for the collector, Sherlockian scholar and reviewer Philip K. Jones of the Amateur Mendicant Society of Detroit, Michigan maintains a remarkable database of pastiche and Sherlockian fiction that currently lists nearly 8,000 entries, with updates provided on a semi-regular basis. The links below include the database (in the form of an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet SHERLOCK.xls), a supporting document to explain the headers and functionality of the spreadsheet (Rich Text Format SHERCODE.rtf) and another document discussing and identifying the "Untold Tales" mentioned in Conan Doyle's stories (Rich Text Format UNTOLDEX.rtf).

The files are made available free to all, but should you make use of the material for reference in a published work please credit Philip K. Jones. Should you notice any errors or omissions, please drop Phil an email with the details.

Database links for direct download (clicking the links should open a dialogue box for viewing or download. Files hosted at

The Sherlock Holmes Pastiche Database (SHERLOCK.xls)
Explanation of SHERLOCK Database (SHERCODE.rtf)
The Untold Tales Analyzed (UNTOLDEX.rtf)

My thanks to Philip K. Jones for providing these useful and interesting  resources.

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