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Press Release received Saturday, January 16, 2010 (Posted entirely as received without editorial comment):


The game's afoot! - A New Sherlock Holmes film is in production in Kingston.

While post-holiday audiences are still flocking to the cinema to take-in Hollywood's new Sherlock Holmes movie, something quite exciting is afoot much closer to home.

Kingston, Ontario will be standing-in for Victorian London over the next few months, as the world of consulting detective Sherlock Holmes is brought to life for a new film project, produced with the kind permission of the Conan Doyle Estate.

Several years ago, Kingston-based actor Anthony D.P. Mann shot an amateur short-film version of the Holmes mystery "The Hound of the Baskervilles" in town, which has been seen around the world. He admits that the previous production was incredibly flawed "for several reasons, including mistakes made by a first-time film-maker, and my lack of resemblance to the part!" (Mann was significantly overweight at the time, and not in very good health).

Fast-forward several years later, and now Anthony's getting a chance to bring his beloved character (which he has previously played on Montreal radio and stage) back to life on the screen in an exciting and original mystery entitled "Sherlock Holmes and the Shadow Watchers". Having honed his acting and film-making talents in the interim - and taken 100 pounds off in the process - Anthony is confident that this new production will be met with great interest when it is released on DVD and digital download in Summer  2010, thanks to a revived interest in the Sherlock Holmes adventures in the wake of the new Hollywood film starring Robert Downey Jr, and the fact that this film is being made with the permission of Conan Doyle's representatives.

Casting is now completed, and filming commences for a three-month block the first week of February.  The film's official website is now "live" (, and will feature regular video updates and other assorted goodies as the film nears completion. There are already photographs, a video, and detailed information about the movie to be found.

Interest in this production has already been very encouraging (for instance, some sponsorship has been provided by Peterson Pipes of Dublin) and we hope that both local, foreign, and Sherlockian media will assist us in making an "event" out of this unique project. Anthony would love to chat with you about the film, and the remarkable road it has taken to get here - conquering serious health issues, negotiating with the Conan Doyle's estate, and his continuing pursuit of a dream. We can be reached for inquiries at:

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